The Golden Rules of Dachshund Puppy Training

Dachshunds are popular among dog owners primarily because of their unique body length and tiny legs. These dogs are generally fun-loving, energetic, and tenacious. On the downside, they also have a tendency to be irritable and jealous of other small animals. The good thing is that they are very loyal and affectionate, traits that endear them to many dog owners’ hearts.

If you are preparing your new dog for Dachshund puppy training, among the most important things to remember is to keep them away from children as much as possible. Just as Dachshunds can be very jealous of other small pets, they can also be intolerant of overly enthusiastic children. If they get annoyed by the presence of children, they have a tendency to snap or bite. It is therefore best to choose a different breed if your household includes very young children who just happen to love playing with dogs.

Another unacceptable behaviour that is unfortunately part of a Dachshund’s nature is the propensity to dig. These dogs were originally bred to burrow after prey, which is why digging is second nature to them. Training your dog not to dig should therefore be an integral part of Dachshund puppy training. Otherwise, your dog could wreak havoc in your garden, or worse yet, your neighbour’s.

Digging also poses the danger of your dog going under your fence, running into the streets, and possibly getting run over by a passing car. It is therefore important to check your fence before bringing a Dachshund puppy home. Your fence should be buried at least two feet below the ground or you should place chicken wire or large rocks at its base to discourage your dog from digging in that area.

Another threat posed by digging is the possibility of your dog unwittingly digging in areas that contain harmful chemicals. You should therefore prepare your house for Dachshund puppy training by burying things that your dog doesn’t like in areas where you do not want him to dig. It is also advisable to designate an area where it is okay for your dog to dig so that his digging instincts can be satisfied.

A positive, reward-based Dachshund puppy training method usually works best because these dogs respond much better to positive rather than negative reinforcement. You would also do well to remember that Dachshunds are largely driven by food, so their favourite food treats are the best type of rewards to be given during training.

And just like any other breed of dogs, the primary golden rules of Dachshund puppy training are consistency and patience. You and the rest of your family must be consistent in letting your dog know which behaviours are acceptable and which are not. House rules must be laid down and training should start as soon as you bring the dog home. You should also be patient in giving your dog enough time to learn all the rules. But most of all, you should bear in mind that training needs to be a fun experience for both you and your dog.

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