Rescue A Dog (Fox Terrier)

Rescue a Dog (Fox Terrier)

Part 1

There are three main ways whereby you can rescue a dog.

Firstly, you can rescue a dog from yourself.

Secondly, you can rescue a dog from itself.

And Thirdly, you can Rescue a dog from an animal rescue shelter

1. Rescue a Dog from yourself

There are millions of fox terriers and numerous owners and the main qualification for being an owner is desire. Your desire to own a fox terrier is really all it takes to assume the responsibilities of owning a pet in today’s fast paced modern society. Very often a person will get a dog on a whim or as a gift and then start making preparations for its arrival and upkeep. Emotionally they are ready because they are excited about the prospect of welcoming a new addition to the family household.

Helpful tips for Fox Terriers and other Breeds are provided here.

The question of the dog’s upkeep is not fully appreciated as it takes a few months to get over the emotional hurdle of ‘how cute’ the new dog is. The act of cleaning up after the dog, feeding the animal and caring for the animal is always ‘so much fun’ during this emotionally charged state but when the novelty wears off the hundred and one things that make up your daily routine slowly creep back into your arena and reprioritise your schedule. No longer can you find the time to walk and play with the dog and medical issues such as spading or neutering are often neglected until the world is freshly introduced to a new litter of pups. (Which by the way, no one is prepared for).

Your town and city regulations may specify the need for your dog to be licensed/registered, spaded or neutered, fully inoculated, public liability insured and then there is the good old “pooh” collection that every conscientious pet owner should follow. But some of you fox terrier owners out there in cyberspace know fully well of your negligence in this regard.

Most importantly is the aspect of the dog’s nutrition and exercise both of which are important to your pet mental and physical well-being. For those of you who may not know, dog nutrition is not dog food. Fox terrier nutrition addresses the quality of the food you feed your dog and a needs analysis should be assessed at different stages of the dog’s life.

With regards to exercise, most people prefer to think of their dog as a member of their human family and they unwittingly subscribe to the popular saying of ‘what is good for the gander is good for the goose’.

Your couch potato lifestyle is directly related to your fox terrier’s couch potato lifestyle and to a large extent this principle is applied to their pet’s exercise program. A dog is a dog and there is a good reason why they are designed with four legs and not two as in the case of humans. That reason is the more legs you have is the more movement your are expected to undertake in your lifetime. By this simple reasoning your four-legged family member should at move at least twice as much as you and maybe even twice as fast. The thinking here is that the animal needs to RUN. Now, while that may be a strange concept for you, it’s a very natural characteristic of the dog.

You may fit into one of these case scenarios:

1. Carry your dog for a leisurely walk for its bowel movement purpose

2. A leisurely walk to the dog park and then 10 to 15 minutes of play time with the other dogs.

The reality is that if you are not into exercise then your pet is not going to get much exercise because simply put you direct the show for both yourself and your pet.

In summary, rescue your fox terrier by properly understanding its needs in conjunction with understanding your own personality and limitations as it pertains to exercise, finance, patience and sense of responsibility.

The second part of this article series addresses how to ‘Rescue a Dog from itself’ and the third part addresses how to ‘Rescue a Dog from an animal rescue shelter’

Happy Dogging!

Winner is a pet owner and dog lover and is undertaking to write a series of article to help people offer better care to their pets.

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